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So I'm 16, and I've had a whole summer to spend without any kind of major responsibility now I've left school. What's the best thing to do? Get a job! Recently, I've been using online job searching websites to try and find a job in my local area, as there are quite a few little independent shops that would literally be brilliant for a Saturday job. Over the past month, I've applied for about 20 jobs, and I've only successfully gotten to an interview once. So I thought I'd share my experiences to help anyone else out there who is going to be looking for a job soon, or who is thinking of getting a Saturday job.

First of all, the most important thing is that you write a good CV. I know this sounds like such an obvious thing to do, but writing a good CV is one of the key elements. I researched quite a lot before writing my own by looking at template images online, as well as asking my parents. Asking an older family member to help you out is also a great thing to do when writing a Cv, as they are more likely to have experience. 

  Also, make sure you're checking job websites every day. Often, my mum has told me there's a job opportunity, I've forgotten, realised the next day, and the job has expired. If you check the websites every day, you're sure not to miss any opportunities. On a few of the websites, you can also activate an email reminder system which will send you updates of new jobs in your area. This also leads me on to applying immediately after you see a job advertised. The amount of jobs I've wanted to apply for, forgotten about, checked the next day and have expired is ridiculous.

Another thing is that you must be prepared for your interview. I cannot stress this enough, but you must dress to impress. By this, I don't mean dressing for London Fashion Week, but dressing smartly. Often, interviewers will not consider you if you are dressed scruffily because it gives off the impression that you don't care about your appearance. Also, do your research and try and prepare for your interview questions. 

If you're like me, you'll be really nervous for an interview. I know it's completely natural to be nervous before a big, perhaps life changing event such as an interview, but the most important thing is that you give off the idea that you're confident. I personally find eye contact really awkward, but during an interview you should try to keep eye contact with the interviewer because it shows you're engaged with the interview.

Finally, a really important thing to keep in mind is that you shouldn't be discouraged. I know how soul crushing that feeling is when you feel like your interview went really well and you didn't get the job, or when you tried really hard with your application but you didn't get through to the next stage. Keeping positive is pretty much key to this. Something else will turn up eventually, and it's not the end of the world if you didn't get it. Make sure you keep applying to every job which would be suited to you, as I've found this is the best way to conquor that low feeling.

Let me know in the comments what your best tips for getting a job are, as it would be awesome to hear them!

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